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Who we are and what is exactly? is an online knowledge bank on the twin city which is fondly known as Navi Mumbai. is an online directory that helps you search for all local businesses within the Navi Mumbai city. If you are on a look-out for local businesses and don not know which place in the city can help you fulfil your needs? Then here’s the best search engine build for you. It is the best online site from where you can get any information about Navi Mumbai. It is Navi Mumbai’s # 1 Local search engine, because it offers relevant lists and locations so that every individual gets precisely what you are looking for? can help you out to get best information about city? Our services such as local business promotions, various discounts, deals and offers are also visible on our website. We provide comprehensive information about all kinds of services that you are looking to take advantage of in the city. For eg: If you are looking for dentists, hospitals, furniture malls, schools etc. then you can know this and much more through our search engine. In our website we also write reviews of business so that you get a complete head to toe right information about the service you are looking for on our website.

What makes us different to other online business directories?
A number of things actually. For starters:

Ratings and reviews
Ratings and reviews help potential customers make a decision about a business. They also keep businesses up-to-date with what people are saying.

Both business owners and consumers can easily upload photos to business listings. Photos help a business listing stand out from the competition.

Saved businesses
Users can save all their favourite businesses in one place. Their personal 'best of the best' local businesses will be at their fingertips.

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