Places to Visit During Rainy Season in & around Navi Mumbai

Cool climate, relieving precipitation drops and greenery all around. Amazing! What a well-suited time to try for an excursion! With the rainstorm around the bend, let us read through some amazing storm escape places and psyche it, they are truly in and around Navi Mumbai

Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar, New Mumbai

Pandvkada Water Fall Kharghar
This waterfall is something like 107 m high and the power of water descending seems to puncture the rock on which it is falling. While in Navi Mumbai, it is suggested to descend to the Pandavkada Falls at any rate once, for a one day excursion. This spot infers its name from the Pandavas who washed up from this waterfall throughout their outcast. The best recommended time to visit these falls is throughout and after the rainstorm season, i.e. June to the start of September.

Central Park, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Central Park in Navi Mumbai 2014
Central Park is the ideal spot to unwind, run or actually for a long stroll to delight in the hypnotizing excellence of the organic arrangements. On the off chance that you are going via train, you would need to get down at Kharghar track station and take an auto to get to the Central Park. This park spread over 80 hectares gloats of vegetation so rich that it mitigates your faculties and shows you a decent a bit of mercy. For more information about Central Park Kharghar check out this post.

Nerul, Navi Mumbai
Nerul is rightly alluded to as ‘the Queen’ of Navi Mumbai. Separated from being the private and business focus of the city, Nerul is very celebrated for its hillocks. For the foodies, this spot has a few cafe’s, restaurants, dessert parlors, pizza shops, cake shops, and so on which permit individuals to delve into their most loved sustenance while additionally appreciating nature taking care of business. This is considered to be the greatest and additionally most populated hubs of the city. You can’t pass up a major opportunity this spot once you are in Navi Mumbai.

Sagar Vihar Garden, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Sagar Vihar Garden Vashi Navi Mumbai

Sagar Vihar Garden placed close to the stream gives banquet to one’s faculties with its energizing accumulation of beautiful vegetation. Amritandamayi sanctuary, Balaji sanctuary, Narayanguru sanctuary and Swaminarayan sanctuary are the ideal spots to accomplish otherworldly illumination. Navi Mumbai is likewise the glad holder of the DY Patil Stadium which is one of the excellent Cricket stadiums in India. Tikuji-Ni-Wadi amusement park is an immaculate spot to home base for both elderly folks and children. To escape from the hotness and dust of the city Suraj Water park is the best place which diverts the guests with its energizing water rides.

Kharghar Hills, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Kharghar Hills in Monsoon

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Kharghar Hills, (Belapur). On the best approach to Kharghar, take a left on tough as u leave the limits of CBD. An extremely cool place on ridge. Individuals like to come here for morning and night walk. Young people come here to have a fabulous time and simply chillout. It is shut the greater part of the times in the stormy season due to the avalanche. An unquestionable requirement to visit this spot in night hours on the off chance that you are around. It is best to visit this spot when the rainstorm simply begins. Throughout this time there is a captivating dew and additionally a moderate waterfall regularly called the pandavakhada waterfall.

Apart from the one’s described above, Rajiv Gandhi Maidan, Rain Tree Marg, sanctuaries of Balaji, Swaminarayan, Amritandamayi and Narayanguru, Little Flower Church, Epsworth Methodist church and Palm Beach are alternate places that may be visited by individuals in Navi Mumbai.

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