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Baby's Day Out International
I hope you find our Nursery website useful and easy to navigate. We know that as busy parents, you have limited time, so we have tried to include all the important information that we think you would like to know about Baby’s Day Out. If you have any queries or require further information about any particular topic, we are very happy to personally meet with you to discuss these as our center for early learning practice focuses on our commitment to you and your children's emotional, physical and academic wellbeing. Baby’s Day Out is the first of our Beautiful Minds Nurseries schools ! We are a very special early childhood nursery-environment for children where the rhythm of daily life is gentle and unhurried, where the deep needs of babies and children to create, initiate and imagine freely are unhindered. We care for babies from 1 year, they will be very well looked after in our special designated baby care nursery area, and after the baby room your toddlers and preschoolers can stay with us in our early development programs until they reach their 12th birthday. Baby’s Day Out has a unique and distinctive approach to early learning and preschool education. Our preschool teaching methods are dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child. Our children rely on us, the adults in their lives', not only to protect them from harmful and unhealthy influences, but also to provide an environment in which they are able to develop at their own pace. The early learning education we offer your preschool children at Baby’s Day Out school strives to engage and nourish each child's innate curiosity and love of learning. We offer a balance of academic, artistic, and practical activities, so your child receives a wonderful childhood education giving full preparation for life's experiences. Baby’s Day Out is purposely designed as a 'child's world' - not an 'adult's world in miniature', therefore, particular care and attention has evoked minute and beautiful details throughout the Nursery to enhance the best of early childhood education in each and every child. Baby’s Day Out is honoured to have early education qualified and experienced staff whose dedication and sole purpose is to take care of your preschooler's unique learning styles such as preschool math, preschool art and science within our preschool syllabus. Your child will feel like he/she is in a home away from home as so much thought and expertise has gone into creating such a beautiful, safe and holistic school. Our children are from many places - at times for this we are proud of as the school is truly an 'Indian school'! Baby’s Day Out offers your child a unique, secure, loving and fun environment filled with experiences, opportunities and activities to help him/her learn and develop. Staff Baby Ratio : Baby Room staff and other qualified staff ratio is 1 staff to 5 babies Staff Toddler Ratio : 1 Teacher, 1 Assistant and 10 childrens Staff Preschooler Ratio : 1 Teacher Two Assistants and 20 children ABOUT BEAUTIFUL BABY’S DAY OUT We believe all children are born with beautiful minds and our responsibility is to fulfil our commitment to parents and for you to honour your commitment to us. The school provide safe, loving and stimulating environments for your children; with reassuringly high standards of day care and excellent facilities, we provide the individual attention and stimulus your baby and preschooler needs to feel happy and confident and to approach life and school with a positive disposition for learning. The Baby’s Day Out philosophy is 'unconditional love for all children'-therefore the most important-'Inclusion'- equal opportunities for all children is obligatory. Our Commitment To You + We will treat you with courtesy, respect and a smile + You will receive high standards and quality Nursery care + We will cater to your child's needs professionally and to the best of our ability + We will provide you with accurate information + We welcome your feedback and suggestions to serve you better Your Commitment To Us + Appreciate efforts of the staff members at your service and treat them with mutual respect + Show your children correct etiquette and respect for others + Be great mentors in guiding your children along the right path through your right examples + Give your children the trust that you will always collect them from the Nursery.
Navi Mumbai,VASHI, 400703, PH: 02231901303

Cosmikids - an ISO certified preschool learning & day care centre in Santacruz, Mumbai, provides personalized attention to your child. We focus on the life skills that are required to survive and thrive in the real world in a loving, heart-centered way for your kids. We focus on the life skills that are required to survive and thrive in the real world in a loving way.
Mumbai,Santacruz (West), 400054, PH: 022 6457 1101