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Ecole Mondiale World School
Ecole Mondiale World School is counted in top school of Mumbai as this is the school which offers wide range of educational programs like EYP, MYP, Play School, Diploma courses etc.
Gulmohur Cross Road No. 9, J.V.P.D. Scheme, Juhu Mumbai 400 049, India.,VASHI, 400049, PH: 02226237265

Smart Class Software Provider Company in Mumbai India
Our key clients include DPS, Eperanza Corporate, Thailand education Initiative and Columbia government education Initiative. The company is headquarter in Ahmedabad and has operations in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. Product Details- Radix Smartclass Solution is a package of Android Tablet+ Classroom Management Software+ content+ ERP Solution and Educational Apps Hardware- 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch Android Tablet; Dual Core/Quad core processor; IPS screen; 4,8,16GB internal memory; 1 year/ 2 year/ 3year extended warranty with both sides camera and stylus for interactive whiteboard. Classroom Management Software- teacher can- lock student's devices Broadcast his screen to students Remote control the devices. send/receive files initiate time based quiz block unwanted application watch every student screen on his dashboard shutdown restart devices from his end. Video broadcast with audio K-12 content- Schools can use their own digital content or choose from a wide variety of our vendors. Schools can also get their own customized content according to the board. Common Platform- Radix will also provide a platform for students, teacher and the Parents so that Parents can see their kid's performance, time table, attendance, can see the direct messages from teachers or the school management. Android Apps- Radix also provides more than 1500 educational apps so that the learning does not stop at school.
Navi Mumbai,VASHI, 400069, PH: 9558100789