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Panvel, Local Guide

New Panvel- The Satellite Mega city

Situated on the banks of Panvel Creek Panvel is the most populated city. Did you just say why? Well then, Panvel is largest district as it has 564 villages and 177 villages under it. Above all, Panvel is not just a part of Raigad district, but it is also close to Thane city and yes! It is a part of Navi Mumbai too.

The extension to Panvel city is the New Panvel town. Developed on marshy land, New Panvel is the next commercial and residential node of Navi Mumbai. Divided into East & West this new town is a hub of activities because it is the East of New Panvel from where railway station is near to travel across anywhere towards Mumbai or outside Mumbai, like Konkan! One city numerous ways. Reaching Konkan is also easier from New Panvel. Hence the name Gateway to Konkan or the satellite mega city, due to the gained prominence of an airport comprehended to open up soon.

New Panvel, Navi Mumbai is situated to turn into a significant training and It center, spotted with a few colleges and It Parks. Furthermore, one of the grandest tasks here is the approaching Gulf Finance House Economic Development Zone - slated to house 140,000 occupants, creating steer livelihood for 250,000 individuals and aberrant work for the same amount as 750,000.

Between Pen and Panvel lies the Karnala fortification. Karnala is 65 km far from Mumbai, 120 km far from Pune and 13 km far from Panvel. Panvel also has a bird sanctuary that is rich with regular natural surroundings for different sorts of feathered creatures. The heaven on earth environment can help one find around 150 types of flying creatures. One can look for red vented Bulbul, Indian light black Hornbill, Owl, Paradise Fly Catcher etc. Panvel is additionally extremely popular for watermelon.

Wager El Synagogue: The one of the main synagogue in the Panvel is a standout amongst the most well known religious place where both Jews and Non Jews do visit, is today's well known vacationer put and is the part of the Indian legacy and place to visit.

Two of the eight Lord Ganesha temples are near Panvel, Ballaleshwar at (Pali) and Varadvinayak at Mahad close to Khopoli.

Panvel track station is a standout amongst the most imperative intersections on the Konkan Railway. Harbour line from Mumbai Cst, line from Diva / Karjat, western cargo hall from Jnpt and the konkan track line from Mangalore meet at Panvel. Panvel station goes under Mumbai division of focal route. Panvel is the ending station of Mumbai line's harbour line. What's more, Panvel handles 116 suburban trains which head off to ends of the line Mumbai Cst, Wadala Road, Andheri and Thane. The station additionally handles a sizeable measure of cargo trains. Panvel is an exceptionally real station and is acknowledged proportionate to Mumbai for trains which skip Mumbai. The trains run on diesel traction and rotating current (the tracks to konkan are not zapped south of Panvel), and Panvel is a refueling focus for their trains. Notwithstanding refueling, Panvel has countless bookings, and most trains prevent for periods shifting from 5 minutes to 20 minutes for specialized purposes. Panvel likewise handles group and train change for long separation traveler / cargo trains.

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